Anion Gap (Serum) Calculation

Anion Gap (Serum)

Anion Gap = [Na+] − ([Cl] + [HCO3])

Soduim Na+ mEq/L or mmoI/L
Chloride Cl mEq/L or mmoI/L
Bicarbonate HCO3 mEq/L or mmoI/L
Anion Gap Urine: mEq/L or mmoI/L



1.0 Soduim mEq/L  = 1.0 Soduim mmol/L

1.0 Chloride mEq/L  = 1.0 Chloride mmol/L

1.0Bicarbonate mEq/L  = 1.0 Bicarbonate mmol/L

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Emmett M, Narins RG. “Clinical use of the Anion Gap.”. Medicine (Baltimore). 1977 Jan;56(1):38-54. PubMed PMID: 401925.


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